The Commission and its delegates

The Moselle Commission consists of six delegates and, as an option, six deputy delegates.
Its President is elected from among the Commission’s ranks for a term of one year by a majority of votes cast by the representatives. Each of the three states holds the chair in turn and in alphabetical order.
The decisions that are taken unanimously by the Moselle Commission during its twice-yearly meetings are also binding on the states. The votes cast by the delegates count as if they had been cast by their respective governments. The decisions are therefore also transferred to relevant national legislation.

Please find a short overview of each delegation’s representatives below:


Mr Norman Gerhardt, Delegate and Spokesperson

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Bonn


Mr Heinz-Josef Joeris, Deputy Delegate
Waterways and Shipping Directorate, Bonn


Mr Albert Schöpflin, Deputy Delegate

Head of the WSA Mosel-Saar-Lahn



Mr Jacques Champagne de Labriolle, Delegate and Spokesperson
Ambassador, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Paris


Mr Manuel Leconte, Deputy Delegate
General manager, Ministry of the ecological and united change, Paris

Mr Dominique Bellenger, Deputy Delegate
Secrétaire des Affaires Etrangères, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Paris

Mr Pascal Gauthier
Director de la Direction territoriale Nord-Est (VNF), Nancy


Mr Max Nilles, Delegate (head of delegation), President
Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, Transport Division, Luxembourg

Mr Kevin Schroeder, Deputy Delegate
Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, Transport Division, Luxembourg

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