What we do

Our mission is to act, together with the national sectoral agencies, as a service provider and lobbyist for ports and shipping in the Saar-Lor-Lux Greater Region.

In 1962 the principle of freedom of navigation was agreed upon for the Moselle. We establish the rules and regulations that form the basis of this principle, especially with regard to safety regulations.

Between Koblenz and Thionville, shipping dues have to be paid on the Moselle. We lay down the conditions for, and determine the amounts of, these shipping dues.

Special legislation, the Moselle Waterway Police Ordinance, applies to the Moselle. We continuously adapt this body of rules to fit the situation as it stands, in order to guarantee that shipping traffic flows as freely as possible.

Construction projects are regularly carried out on the Moselle, for instance the lifting of bridges or the doubling of locks. We check all projects to verify that they are compatible with the interests of shipping.

If there are legal disputes with regard to shipping on the Moselle, jurisdiction lies initially with the relevant national shipping courts.
Should an appeal be lodged, however, our Board of Appeal may be resorted to as the court of ultimate resort, in place of the courts of appeal that normally have jurisdiction.

Because we carry out such a variety of duties, we cooperate closely with the relevant national administrative bodies and seek to collaborate with other institutions and intergovernmental bodies.

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